No Salting

Submitted by Jake on 11/19/2002. ( )

Here I go again. I mixed up another batch of pickel followed it to the exact directions and now have another deer cape soaking in it. Here's how it went, and please let me know if I am screwing up or will it be ok. I skinned the deer and got the measurements , then wrapped it and put it in the freezer. About 2 weeks later I thawed it out, turned the lips, ears and nose and fleshed it, then put it right in the pickel. Now I know the salting was never done, but it was already fleshed so I put it in the pickel. Any thoughts? How about if I have some other things I want to pickel that are already fleshed? Could someone tell me how to proceed.

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What kind of pickle and does the pickle have salt in it

This response submitted by John C on 11/19/2002. ( )

I know several taxidermist that skip the salting. They use FORMIC ACID and 90% salt saturation. They dont seem to have acid swelling problems. I have been to afraid of ruining a cape to try it.


This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 11/19/2002. ( )

I quit salting capes 15 years ago. I flesh,turn lips,ears and eyes
and immerse in brine and formic acid solution. I don't have any acid swelling, and during this time frame, i have lost ,perhaps,3 or 4
capes that were already suspect to begin with. I also put in approx.2 ozs. Pre-tan 110 per 5 gal of solution. My capes have an abundance of stretch, and almost no shrinkage after mounting.

The Mix

This response submitted by Jake on 11/19/2002. ( )

1lb of salt, 1/2 oz Saftee Acid, to 1 gal water. I just lost one about 2 days ago and was afraid to do another, but after talking to you guys I think I had a bad cape to begin with. It was given to me from a deer farm and proably (I don't know for sure) laid around for awhile before they put it in the freezer.

Turn ears and split lips first.

This response submitted by Jon S on 11/20/2002. ( )

I have had some troubles freezing the cape right after skinning, then thawing it and splitting the lips, eyelids ears after. The extra freezing/thawing time allowed bacteria to grow and I was getting slippage on ears and lips. Try to do the lips and ears right after skinning if possible.

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