turning mule deer ears

Submitted by Aaron on 11/20/2002. ( )

I need help . What is the best way to turn mule deer ears in prep before salting? should I remove the entire cartlage? I have found that it is easy to separate the back of the ear, but the front and ear canal seem impossible.I have been told that tanners want it removed, and have been told to just turn half the ear leaving the cartlage attatched so that it helps hold the shape of the ear during tanning, then remove it after tanning. Is this true? Have several capes to salt but not sure which is best . thanks

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turning ears

This response submitted by Eric on 11/20/2002. ( info@kodiaktaxidermy.com )

Just turn them, and leave the cartilage attached. After it is back from the tannery, and you are prepping to mount, then you remove it.

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