Deerhide trading

Submitted by Burt Gunn on 11/11/2002. ( )

Some years back we used to send our deerhides to a tannery in upstate NY and in return the tannery would send back (for a small fee)a pair of buckskin gloves. I would like to know if this can still be done and, if so, where to send the hide.

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Bobs Taxidermy in NEw York

This response submitted by Kristoph on 11/11/2002. ( )

years ago provided a service like this as we did in the 60's in our shop. You can check with him and I'm sure there's other placed that do it too. They used to call them "skin banks"......


This response submitted by Roger on 11/11/2002. ( )

is 518 762 7925 He still does buckskin tanning and sells gloves,
so you may be in business. oh yea he is in Johnstown N.Y.

Thankyou Roger

This response submitted by Kristoph on 11/12/2002. ( )

I suppose I was remiss in not including that pertinent information. Another case of taking too much for granted, thanks again

Deerskin Hats

This response submitted by Joe Martin on 01/14/2003. ( )

Looking for Deer hides for making deerskin Hats.
My name is Joe Martin from Yorkville, NY
Fair trade ? ........... free hat for a hide maybe ?
lets make a deal ........ thanks, Joe

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