Fox tail

Submitted by Andrea on 11/11/2002. ( )


Hope someone can answer this question for me! I just skinned a fox and I'm already in the middle of tanning it. I use a natural brain tanning process. I was able to remove the tail bone with ease but didn't think/know if I should cut open the tail and brain tan as well. Please help, I don't want to have tail rot since I've already had the fox a few days.

Thanks for your help

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Split the tail

This response submitted by Chris on 11/12/2002. ( )

I am no expert on brain tanning, but if you do not split the tail open it will slip. The tail should be treated the same as the rest of the leather.


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Go to There is a lot of information there on doing furs and some experts who would be glad to share their experiences. To answer your question, yes you do tan the tail just as you would the rest of the skin

If you take an old umbrella, and cut one of the

This response submitted by Kristoph on 11/12/2002. ( )

armatures off that lift the material you'll find that it's a straight rod with a "U" shaped channel in it.Cut one off cleanly and file
the ends smooth with a rasp or paper, make a few different lengths,
Stick the rod down any tail and run your scalpul/knife down the channel and you'll have a perfectly split tail every time. Learned this in the 60's and am still trash picking umbrellas, I cut an antler tine, bore a small hole in it, and epoxy the rod right into the hole, now you have one with a handle!

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