New to taxidermy... how do I tan?

Submitted by Jill on 11/22/2002. ( )

Hey, I'm new to the whole taxidermy thing, and I have the hide off one of my heifers in my freezer. It's gonna be a after-school project to keep outta trouble, but I have no idea where to start! I know I have to soak it in something, and then flesh it, and then I think I have to cover it in lots and lots of salt... I'm pretty clueless! Is there a web site with step-by-step instructions, or could someone tell me what do to? Maybe? It would be very appreciated!

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salt it first

This response submitted by 3-d on 11/22/2002. ( )

salt it first

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This response submitted by b. bishop on 11/22/2002. ( bishops@newnorthdotnet )

look in the search catagory and try to be specific as there is tons of good info in there. I am not sure if tackling a hide of this type is keeping you out of trouble or asking for it but knock yourself out. You would be better off trying a smaller hide first and then move on from there. Best of luck to ya.


This response submitted by Jill on 11/22/2002. ( )

Thanks. I'll try that.

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