Degreasing a bear before sending it to the tannery

Submitted by Dan on 11/22/2002. ( )

I have sent several bear skins to various tannerys and have had a problem with hot spots. When I say hot spots I mean small spots either on the neck or around the belly that have bald spots. Is it because I am not fleshing well enough in those areas or do I need to do some kind of degreasing before I send it out to the tannery. I have had no problem hiding the spots but it is kind of annoying. Does anybody out there have any suggestions. Thanks for any responces you might have for me. Dan

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Boy Dan............

This response submitted by Dave B. on 11/22/2002. ( )

......... it really could be a few different things, and maybe nothing that you're doing. Degreasing your bears is not necessary as far as a soak is concerned.But you definately want to put a beam and a draw knife to them to get the major meat and fat off of them.At that point,salt the heck out of them and get the fluids out of them.
Bears slip very easily,being in the Pig family, if not taken care of promptly.They can also slip if you OR the tannery shaves them to close,cutting the hair roots off.This to is a common problem.You have fleshed far enough if you see a small circle and a black dot in the center of it. You're at the root!Maybe ask your tannery about it if it becomes a real problem.
Hope this helps,

Thanks Dave

This response submitted by Dan on 11/23/2002. ( )

Thanks, maybe I am being overly cautious and fleshing too closely. It's just that bears are so darn greasy and I have a tendancy to just keep scrapping until all the grease is gone. Maybe be I will call the tannery and get some of their suggestions. Thanks again Dave

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