Why is the hair falling out

Submitted by Jake on 11/23/2002. ( )

A few questions here. Is it possible to wash out all of the liquid tan from a specimen? I just lost a beautiful black squirrel and this is what I did. I skinned it , turned the lips and ears then fleshed it. I salted it and let it drain then fleshed it again. I washed the skin out with a little Malogon because it smelled ( not spoiled smell, but animal smell) let it soak for about 10 minutes wrapped it up in a towel for 1 hour then put the liquid tan on it. I rolled it up let it sit overnight and this morning I soaked it in plain water and rinsed it off, I did this because there was a little liguid tan on the hair and also it was a little stiff. I started to mount it and noticed I could pull out the hair way too easy! The farther I went the more hair fell out and needless to say I got pissed and scraped the rest of the hair off, which was easy to do I just scraped with my fingernail and it all came off. My question is WHY? The only thing I can think of is the deodorizer. Also, anyone have any black squirrels for sale?

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did you pickle?

This response submitted by redneck on 11/24/2002. ( )

i think your supposed to put it in a pickle. like saftee acid to kill bactirea

No Pickel

This response submitted by Jake on 11/24/2002. ( snake79798@aol.com )

I didn't pickel the squirrel, didn't know I really needed to for a squirrel. I have used dp forever but am only now trying to do things with liquid tans. I have never lost anything with dp before but in the last week I have lost a der cape and now this black squirrel. If Bruce reads the first message about the squirrel I would like to know his thoughts.

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