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i tan with lutan f i was wanting to know if i could make a large batch and just reuse it for all of my hides i have ph strips and a salinometer to make sure if the salt and ph are at the right levels. any help would be great thanks.

and would this work for the pickle also i use true tan acid bath


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It may work for the pickle.....but not the tan!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/25/2002. ( )

Considering you have a salinometer and PH papers - you could re-strengthen your pickle by adding more salt and using the acid to obtain the right PH. I am not familiar with True Tan Pickling crystals - but if they are similiar to other pickling crystals - this should not cause a problem.

However - for tanning that's a different story. If you base your tan on weight, which is the most economical way - you must re-strenthen the tan using more Lutan F based on the weight of the skins you want to tan in it. Don't rely on any of the previous Lutan F still being present. As for the Salt - thats a problem. Since you only use 5-6 ozs. per each 1 gallon in the tanning solution - it may be difficult to get a true reading on your Salinometer.

For me - I always mix a new tanning solution. Tanneries do too! It saves guess-work and making excuses if there's a problem. I'd rather it was consistently reliable.


This response submitted by bj on 11/25/2002. ( )

thanks for the help i will make my tans new for each hide thanks for the help still pretty new at this

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