Whitetail Designers New Tanning System

Submitted by Troy on 11/25/2002. ( )

Has anyone tried the new Whitetail Designers Tanning System that Reasearch Mannikins is selling. The quality hides I get with my Rittles EZ-100 is great, but coming into winter I have to keep heaters in my solution to keep the temperature above 60 degrees and
I'm wondering if this other stuff is any good.

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testing it now

This response submitted by Dan Moon on 11/25/2002. ( Dan.Moon@Cabelas.com )

As product specialist for Van Dykes I get to test alot of the different chemicals, hide pastes, etc, etc. that come out. I have just started playing with Whitetail Designer Systems tanning chemicals. So far I am pleased with the Stop Rot. I tested this to the extremes. Being able to only do taxidermy when I'm not answering the phones I don't have alot of time for fleshing so it's in and out of the freezer and refridgerator all the time. This was causing major problems for me. Now after I cape out a deer or skin an animal I quickly rough flesh the meat and fat off then apply the Stop Rot. I put it back in the freezer until I know I will have time to work on it. So I pulled it out and let it thaw out and flesh on it. Well we are all busy and I never get anything done and back in the freezer it went after several days of this it was ready to go into the pickle and guess what that's where it is still at. I didn't lose any hair and I don't expect too. I am excited about this new product, because for the slow guys like me or the beginers it gives you that extra bit of working time to get your deer properly fleshed with out fear of slippage.

Thanks Dan

This response submitted by b. bishop on 11/25/2002. ( bishops@newnorthdotnet )

For the info. most of us don't have the time or funds to try all the systems out there and info. like this is very important. Troy, thanks for asking the ?. B. Bishop

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