What Went Wrong For Me?

Submitted by Andy on 11/26/2002. ( andy@gymopc.com )

I have a cow hide a friend of mine wanted me to tan. She gave me the hide in the dried hard state. I asked how she prepared it and she told me her father put it in a salt water solution and then let it dry hard. When I started the tanning process I rehydrated it and placed it in my pickle soultion(as pre my tanning kit instructions) for about two days, not much shaving was required. Then I moved onto my degreasing step, and when rinsing the hide the hair was slipping in an area of about 4"x12", the rest of the hide seems tight and no other slippage is occuring. I stopped what I was doing and placed back in the pickle to see if she wants me to continue. What went wrong, or did I miss sometime? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy.

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The salt water solution her father did.

This response submitted by John C on 11/26/2002. ( )

Even though it was salt water, several things could have happened.

Bacteria will grow in salt water.

The Hide never was allowed to dry where the salt water could drip off the hide.

Since it is that one spot as you mentioned it is bacterial damage, down during tier brine work.

Salting allow the body fluids to be removed from the hide and locks the pores open.

You need to do some reading in the tanning section and tanning archieves.

Did you keep a check on your pH? 2.5 or lower.

But my money is the bet on what they did or you would have more slippage.

Things like this is why we have tanning discliamers, and are not responsible for damage. It happened before you received the hide.

my guess

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/27/2002. ( )

You said you didnt need to shave the cowhide much. Uh uh. You DO need to shave those buggers much thinner to even get the salt pushed through them.

You are not supposed to rehydrate in the pickle

This response submitted by concerned on 11/30/2002. ( )

Your instructions were wrong, you should have rehydrated your hide in a solution of clear water with bacteriacide. Then place in a pickle solution after it was completely relaxed. Sometimes if a hide is placed in a pickle when not completely relaxed it will have hair slippage.

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