first time taning deer hide HELP

Submitted by paul on 11/27/2002. ( )

my wife is trying her first deer hide we dont know much about tanning but what we read in books she wants to tan it naturally with the brain will it come out soft could any one give us some instructions we already fleshed it what to do next she wants the fur on if we have to use chemicals maybe we will but where do we get thme please help shes been want to do this for 5 yrs now thank u all

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This response submitted by Dan Moon on 11/27/2002. ( )

While brain tanning will work it is by far not the easiest or most efficient way to go about tanning a hide. With todays chemicals you can achieve a long lasting tan. These chemical can be found at any of the suppliers by clicking on the suppliers icon underneath the large forums at the top of the page. All of the suppliers have many differnt tanning chemicals and they will all work, some have different applications and uses.
Brain tanning or "chemical" tans produce a piece hide that is preserved, but it needs to be oiled and worked or the process known as breaking needs to be done to produce a quality soft flexible hide. If you have any more questions, because it will be confusing as to the number of differnt tans and the processes for all of them you can email me.

If you want to know how....

This response submitted by Wolfwoman on 11/27/2002. ( ) braintan, go to
LOTS of info there! It's a great method to try and learn, great experience and people LOVE the hides.


This response submitted by PatrickR on 11/27/2002. ( don't need a virus )

Or try Rittel's Kwik-n-Eze Tanning kit. It's quick-n-easy...PatrickR

cool site

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 11/27/2002. ( ) everything you need to know about brain tanning,lodge building,buckskin clothes etc. Every one on their forum are very helpful. Good luck

Gotta go.......

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.....with Patrick on this one! Rittel's is hard to beat!

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