First Attempt at Tanning

Submitted by John on 11/27/2002. ( )

Trapped my first beaver last weekend. I skinned it and the pelt is frozen. What's the proper steps to tan it. Dry it first? When fleshing is it better to do it after it's salted? Can someone give me a quick 1-whatever sequence? What tan formula is best? Thanks for the assiatance.

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 11/28/2002. ( )

John not to insult you but check the archives your answer is in there. You can use the search feature on this site, just type in tanning. You will be overwelmed at the amount of info listed. Just be prepared to do ALOT of reading on this subject as everyone has their own methods and variations. There are no quick answers to tanning, just do your own reaserch and experiementing and see what works best for you. Good luck!

Not to disuade you, but............

This response submitted by Chris on 11/28/2002. ( )

you would be better off trying a few smaller, thinner skinned animals first. Without a rotary knife your thick skinned beaver is going to be real stiff even with a good tan. A fox or coyote make better first attempt at tanning though the slippage aspects of these critters is higher.


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