Hair separation after Saftee Acid bath and beam fleshing

Submitted by Tom T. on 11/28/2002. ( )

I have a whitetail deer hide that was doing fine until I did a little more fleshing/shaving AFTER about 24 hrs. of Saftee Acid pickle.

My hunch is that the physical force of using a fleshing knife and the beam has caused this separation rather than spoilage or improper pH. Should I stay away from the beam after pickling and opt for the rotary style shaving? Can anyone confirm that using a knife and beam will cause separation?

Thank you for the help.

Tom T.

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 11/28/2002. ( )

At the point you were at the fleshing should already have been done. Use a rotary blade and shave the hide at this point, and yes your probably losing your hair from beaming it.


This response submitted by CapeFear on 11/28/2002. ( )

I believe Rittel's recommends removing the hide after 48 hours and then shaving not the 24 hours you stated, then returning to the pickle for an additional 24 hours. Best of luck.


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/29/2002. ( )

Its critical that the directions be followed...Safety acid needs to be reread with pH papers after the hides are put into the pickle. Thats the case with any acid/pickle, really, but especially so with safety acid. That MAY have something to do with it, or maybe the hide had a weak spot anyway. Personally, I dont know why folks post this here, rather then contacting Bruce Rittel...

Fleshing should be done before the pickle!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/29/2002. ( )

Usually fleshing is done, the hide is then salted and dried. Then it's rehydrated and pickled. After 3 days (72 hours) on an average, the skin can then be safely removed, drained for 30 minutes and shaved. When I'm finished shaving I usually return the skin to the pickle until everything is done and then neutralize and tan them together.

"If" you dont flesh "before" the pickle - the membrane will more than likely prevent penetration of the chemicals. The Meat left on the skin most definitely will! Not fleshing before the pickle will definitely cause you problems - with any pickle!

Sounds like a plan

This response submitted by Tom T. on 11/29/2002. ( )

The advice is much appreciated! I think I misused some terminology--I had fleshed this hide really well before the pickle, and the pH stayed correct each time I checked it. I won't do any more "fleshing" with a beam and knife after pickling, only "shaving" (I need to get a rotary shaver).

If everyone always followed the destructions, you all may not get the chance to see "what really happens when you do that"!

Thanks again,

Tom T.

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