Alum Tanning ?

Submitted by Dan on 11/30/2002. ( )

I'm going to be trying to Alum tan my first deer hide.
I have read alot about it but they don't tell you some things. Like ,If i salt the skin before i get the supplies will i have to rehydrate it or just put it in the alum mix the way it is?
After I take it out and its time to wash it, will sodium bicarbonate work. How dry do I let it get before I start to break it. Ordered some Norh Country Oil from Van Dyke's to break it in with, Will that work all right or is there better stuff? I would also like to say Thanks for having this sight as ever taxidermist I ask around my home just seems to want to make money and they don't seem to want to help.
Its nice to see that some one cares. Thanks again

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 11/30/2002. ( )

Yes you will need to rehydrate any dried hide before you put it into an acid pickle bath. I'd also recommend you add some bacteriacide to your rehydration bath. I'm not familiar with Van Dykes supplies, but I would recommend Rittel's EZ100 for a complete tan and also an excellent product. I haven't used alum in quite some time as I feel they're are better products on the market which give great results. Type in EZ100 in the search feature on this site and you'll get plenty of feedback on this product. Good luck.

fleshing the hide

This response submitted by bob on 02/02/2003. ( )

years ago I was tanning deer hides with a product called chromtan,can't seem to find it any more. i now have used Rittel's ez100 and also have done hides using the alum tan method and have acquired great results with both.
the biggest and hardest job is to flesh the hide, is there any method or tool that can make this job quicker and easier.

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