another sewing question

Submitted by BJ on 12/25/2002. ( )

I wanted to say thanks for the help and I came up with another question. Can i use a regular sewing machine to sew tanned fur and hides together or do I need to get one of the leather sewing machines.I wiil be sewing anything from deer, coyote, bever,coon, fox, muskrat, and rabbit. any help would apriciated. Thanks


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Regular thread

This response submitted by George on 12/25/2002. ( )

But I'd recommend one of the dacron/polyester heavy duty threads like is used for quilting. Try to stay away from cotton as it deteriorates in a tanned hide, while the nylon thread will sometimes cut through it.


This response submitted by BJ on 12/25/2002. ( )

can i just use one of the sewing machines i can get a walmarts or do i need to get a "leather machine". thats for the help greatly apricated

Not on small game hides

This response submitted by George on 12/26/2002. ( )

The heavier hides will be quite difficult though I do manage to sew doeskin on my home machine with denim needles. The biggest problem with fuzzy hides is that you must sew them from the skin side as the hair will clog your presser foot and mess with the feed of the bobbin.

thanks again

This response submitted by BJ on 12/26/2002. ( )

thanks again got another question dont mean to keep bothering you. you do or dont use a regular home machine on small hides i am planeing on sewing together muskrat rabbit coyote coon i might try deer later smaller stuff like that. thanks again i am just beging trying to get as much info as i can thanks


Fur Machine

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 12/26/2002. ( )

There's a regular fur sewing machine that's used in commercial applications, they come in several different sizes, but the most common are the "A" machine and "B" Machine. The A will hamndle most of the fur skins, you can just use a heavier needle and thread, and take it a little easier when you are doing heavy skins, such as beaver. The B machine will handle bears and the heavier African skins real well. One thing you'll have to be careful with is sewing skins together with different weights of leather, the thinner leather will want to stretch and distort compared to the heavier one.

Fur machines make a completely different type of stitch than you get from a regular sewing machine, it's more like what you get from a surge machine, or what is called a blanket stitch, you see it aroung the edges of blankets to keep the fabric from unraveling. The fur machine makes what could be described as a bead in the skin, with the loop being brought over and the needle going through the loop, where it's picked up on the other side and loop brought over again as it moves over. This causes the seam to be bound together giving you strength, plus no edges will be exposed because they're bsically folded together, fur to fur.

You can do this with your machine at home, as long as it's a good, heavy duty machine, but you'll need to use just a straight stitch. Lay your skins with the fur sides together and make your stitches about 1/8" in from the edge. Use as big a needle and thread as your machine will handle, and go easy at it.


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