WT. Deer tan

Submitted by Bill on 01/05/2003. ( )

Looking to mount a deer for comp. No time to send the hide to the tannery. There some many new tans on the market, I dont know which one to use. Could some one point me in the right direction? All I have to do is 1 hide.

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E-Z tan

This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/05/2003. ( The Rookie )

E-z tan from Bruce Rittel is an exceptional tan when used in coordination with safetee acid and pro plus oil. You can also get complete detailed instructions on it's use at www.amystaxidermy.com. These products can be purchased from Rittel's or from most taxidermy suppliers. Good luck!

Krowtan 2000 from Ozark Woods (Brian Harness)

This response submitted by Joe Pycke on 01/05/2003. ( )

Wow what a great new tan. We were very leary of this stuff and made jokes about it to Brian. We called it Panther piss 2000. Well I guess we need to eat our words, because It works great and Is very very simple to use. Give Ozark Woods a call and see for yourself.

Krowtan is the Bomb, Baby

This response submitted by shooter on 01/05/2003. ( ccannon@telepak.net )

Your right about krowtann. It is all that I will use now.
Easy to use, great stetch, easy thinning....can't beat this stuff.


This response submitted by os on 01/05/2003. ( oldshaver@yahoo..com )

It seems to me, you would have prepared for a comp. a little in advance. I dont know,maybe its just me. If you are willing to spend the extra money, most tanneries could get it back in a couple of weeks. [rush service]

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