oxalic acid or other kind?

Submitted by jen on 01/06/2003. ( )

ok i have been using oxalic acid, and had some good results and some not so good, after reading the post earlier about the bones disolving gave me thought,,, should i be using gentler acid? i need the time the pickle gives me to keep all my projects going and not loose a skin, but if oxalic can disolve bones, can all of them? is there an acid that is stable like oxalic but safer?
hobbiest here. mr rittle you imput please,, john , george,,,

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Never had that happen.

This response submitted by John C on 01/06/2003. ( )

Jen, I have always used, oxalic, formic or even a mix of the two. Acetic acid .

Never have I had it dissolve bone. I too read that post. It may have happened once with a calcium week specimen, but I have not seen this, "YET"

I have two bear, one elk, acouple of yotes in the mix, pH is 2.5 and is maintained. These hides have been in this pickle since, 1997 or so. I check them once every couple of months and have not found any damage to the hides. mold dont even grow on top. I have seen this happen with other acid pickles.

Stick with what you know works. Are you getting good results?

As long as the pH is watched I have never had any problems.

Safety Acid

This response submitted by Dave Toms on 01/06/2003. ( )

Try Rittle's Safety Acid, it is the best and cheapest and safest acid I have used. It does not readily evaporate and can be disposed of down the drain. I too have used oxalic, citric and formic and so far I would not go back. Try Bruce's safety acid, you won't be dissappointed.

Dave Toms

1997 ! holy crap !

This response submitted by b.bishop on 01/07/2003. ( bishops@newnorthdot net )

You have really opened a can of worms now John ! LOL


This response submitted by Leather Neck on 01/07/2003. ( )

Attention John,
Please let me clarify about the deboning pickle soas to keep the lid down on any possible 'cans of worms'. lol.
First. A 'deboning pickle' like reptile tanners use is to soften and attack the bone only....NOT the collegen of the hide. Yes, it is possible to do his without any damage to the hide and still achieve complete softening of the bony structures. As mentioned before, Hydrochloric acid (Not Oxalic)is used for this type of 'pickle. pH's ~ 0.8 - 1.0 possible and works nice but needs careful attention.
'Scutes' (bony alligtor plates...silver-dollar size) completely softenend and ready for tannage within 10 - 15 days.

Hydrochloric Acid

This response submitted by Leather Neck on 01/08/2003. ( )

Someone has kindly brought to my attention a very important fact and those curious about a "Deboning" pickle should take note.
HCL is used often in LEATHER processing / tanning....but is not suitable for fur-type applications. Damage to the hair could result as this is a harsh acid.

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