Auto tanner

Submitted by Garry on 01/07/2003. ( )

I was wondering if it is possitble to build a auto tanner with the proper tank if so does anybody have any blue prints and material list?

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How about Patent infringment!

This response submitted by John C on 01/07/2003. ( )

You think ole Danny boy in LA, got in trouble for copyright violation.

Auto-Tanners are patented. Please think twice.

It is possible

This response submitted by Todd B on 01/07/2003. ( )

I do not see why you cannot build a pressure tanner. If you have the correct type of tank and can withstand the pressure. I cannot see it being patent infringement unless you are trying to sell them. As long as it is for your own shop and personal use. Too say it is patent infringement would be like saying you cannot build your own tumbler or home computer. That is the way I see it maybe noone else does, but if you have the skills I would say go for it. You may want to ask someone who nows for sure though.

Todd B

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