tanning my first deer hide

Submitted by bob from OHIO VALLEYo on 01/07/2003. ( boles@ tusco.net )

I just bought some dixietan paste to try with my cape.just not sure how to get started .I have cape salted .DO i want to let it set for a couple of days,then start to do what ? at this piont i'm just lost. I know to scrap the hide, but with what tooltoOle works best .I'M a carpenter by trade ,tools are not hard to come up with. JUST WHAT TOOLS?MY main reason to do this job is to use the hair for tying flys for flyfishing. any help would be greatly appreciated.thank you all.ps. the directions are something to be desired.

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This response submitted by T he Rookie on 01/07/2003. ( mossvike2000@yahoo.com )

Check out this website. It's got step by step tanning instructions. Or go to www.taxidermy101.com. More good FREE instructions. There are also tons of tanning questions and answers you can get by hitting the orange search button to the left of this page Good luck. Jeff

tying flies

This response submitted by Sam on 01/08/2003. ( )

I also tie flies,but I get my hides already done an ready to go. The tanning takes a long time and my wife hollers. Better buy em dry and spend time with your ole lady.

Scrape it good

This response submitted by Kevin on 01/09/2003. ( )

Make sure you scrape the hide good. It has a very thin layer of membrane that needs to be scraped off. Use salt for a couple of days then scrape and apply the dixietan. You will have more deer hair for your ties than you can keep up with. Good luck to ya.

good one

This response submitted by no name on 01/09/2003. ( )

Hey I agree with the guy bout the wife puttin up a bitch. I have to go to my own building to do it. Got a lil frige and a tv out there, even put in a heater. I like it better there than in the house with her....just kiddin....i think....lol

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