Is tecnaglue unsafe because it has formaldehyde?

Submitted by sam on 01/07/2003. ( )

Is tecnaglue dangerous because it has formaldehyde in it? What percautions do you have to take when using this? Is there any other chemicals i would use during mounting that i should take certain percautions to. I was going to use the ez100 tanning get in my house? Is this ok? I am very new to taxidermy and have checked the search but didn't find anything to answer specifically. thanks -Sam

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New formula.

This response submitted by Paul on 01/07/2003. ( )

I think they reformulated it without formaldehyde. It was crossed off a can I got over the summer and had on it improved forumla. Otherwise use gloves.

I know EZ-100 is safe!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/08/2003. ( )

EZ-100 is a very safe product. Actually the salt that must be used with it poses more of a disposal problem than the EZ-100. EZ-100 does not contain any metal - and is an environmentally safe product. Once you use it - it depletes - and any lingering trace of it is harmless. It loves bonding to the protein fibers and as it does, your tanning solution is essentially a salt solution.

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