Using Rittel's on air dried skins want to know...

Submitted by JGray on 01/10/2003. ( )

I am going to tan air(=flint?) dried hides,

I plan to wall hang, make hats and blanket out of otter, beaver, coon, fisher. So

If I"ve air dried my hides, can I jump to C? see below

Or do I:

A. Salt > 1-2 days
B. Resalt > 1-day
C. Pickle 1= Water, Saftee-Acid, salt and Relaxing agent US 609 > 3 days

(Relaxing- Can I put different critter"s hides in together and use 8 table spoons of Rittle"s 609 versus the 4 Tablespoons for less greasy?

By the way where do I get ph tester strips and a salinometer?)

D. Reflesh ?
E. Degrease> SS618 and Wash RD601 (is this a separate bath prior to Pickle 2? Or a wipe down procedure?)
F. Pickle 2> (reuse Pickle 1 mix?) > 1-2 days
G. Nuetralizing bath> 20 Minutes
H. Tan bath (calculate how much water I need to cover batch of furs, add correct corresponding amount of salt. Separately mix EZ100 with oh say a half quart of hot tap water and when dissolved stir into above said salted water.) > 16-20 Hours
I. Drain > 20 Minutes

I do not have sawdust drum tumbler or hair dryer. Ok to Towel dry?

J. Oil> 4-6 Hours
K. Hang till almost dry> 1-2 Days
L. Work it till dry

Thankyou for your time, patience, attention & instruction,


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Handling Air Drieds!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/10/2003. ( )

Air dried or Salt dried - you have to first relax them -then rinse - and pickle. So -

A. Air dried
B. Relax in US-609 Bath. DONT use 8 Tablespoonfuls/Gallon - stay with using 4 Tablespoonfuls/Galoon and use lukewarm water.
C. Pickle for 3 Days!
D. Remove skins, drain for 30 ninutes - Wash and degrease if necessary - rinse - return them to the pickle for over-night!
E. Remove from pickle - drain and rinse - neutralize them for 20-30 minutes
F. Tan - Dissolve EZ-100 in your Water - add Salt - Check PH for a 4.0 - put in skins - allow them to soak for 1 hour - recheck PH for a 4.0 PH reading. If not, readjust! Now allow them to soak for 16-20 hours.
G. Rinse and Drain
H. Oil
I. Fold and place in a warm area for 3-4 hours
J. Open and hang to begin drying.

Have fun!
Bruce Rittel

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