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I have been using a pressure tanner with good results. usually leaving the capes in overnight 12-15hrs, then shaving them down and last applying my oil. I usually purchased my crystals through McKenzie company, however they stopped carrying them. I know the chemicals can be purchased seperately and mixed yourself reducing my cost, but not sure of the formula? any help on this and where I might purchase these chemicals would be of great help. Thanks Kevin.

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You can call

This response submitted by HAPP on 01/01/2003. ( )

1-800-542-9489. That's "Taxidermy Arts Supply" They have all you need. Mark S. "HAPP"

By the way

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It is not exspensive to buy the chemicals from Steve. Why fuss with it. You're only talking cents per care, NOT $$$$$$$$$$. Happ


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Kevin, Happ is right. buy right from


This response submitted by Kent Palazzo on 01/01/2003. ( )

Kevin, Happ is right. buy right from Steve. Minimal price difference.


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I've been using my own alum in my autotanner since day one(I've had my tanner for 4 or 5 years).
I'm on the west coast, so shipping large amounts was cost prohibitive so I talked to Bruce Rittel and worked up a formula that has done the job!
In order to get the proper solution you need to be able to check it after mixing- an alum solution should measure 7.8 on the baume scale!
I buy alum at a nursery supply, you can also buy it at a company that sells water softening chemicals; get aluminum sulphate or ammonium alumunum sulphate- do not get aluminum sulphate hydrate(it will ruin your skins!)
For my solution I mix 8 oz Alum, 10 oz of salt and a tablespoon of soda ash to every 5 qts of water; start with 4qts of water and check the specific gravity of the solution with the baume hydrometer!
If the reading is too high add water a qt at a time and re-check.
If the reading is too low add more alum, one ounce at a time until you get the correct solution.
Get a good scale, I found an old doctors baby scale at a local thrift store- it's a balance beam type, the best there is for this sort of thing($20.00)
Mix enough solution to float the skins; I usually do 2x for one deer cape, adjust amount to cover skins-MAINTAIN THE RATIOS YOU HAVE ESTABLISHED!
Every time I open a new bag of alum, I test the solution again; you are buying "technical grade" and there will be some difference in strength between manufacturers- even between bags from the same manufacturer.


This response submitted by Kevin (RUSTIC) on 01/02/2003. ( )

Thank you all for your responses, sounds easy enough, and should be bck up and running in no time..

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