fleshing machine

Submitted by scott on 01/10/2003. ( )

has anyone ever tried to build a fleshing machine not a wire wheel but something like what the tannaries use i work in a machine shop and it doesent look that hard to build but was wondering if anyone has tried this or if it can be done

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How many deer do you do?

This response submitted by John C on 01/10/2003. ( )

While I love my fleshing machine, I still hang onto a fleshing knife.

Get one of the cheaper Old Hickory butcher knives. Sharpen just one side to make it beveled.

Now with a large well oiled screw driver, bend the edge over to form a less than 90 degree bend.

You can knock a hide out fast enough with that with some practice.

While I prefer my fleshing machine this is great for flat hide and the body of deer. Did 65 one year this way. And several nasty greasy bear.

You should be able to.

This response submitted by Todd B on 01/10/2003. ( tddbuch@aol.com )

I have not personally made one but I know another taxidermist local to me that built his own. He was a tool maker by trade and built a nice one.

Todd B


This response submitted by scott on 01/11/2003. ( selingers@hotmail.com )

anyone have plans for a homemade fleshing machine

fleashing knife

This response submitted by Jack on 01/22/2003. ( jackf@catskill.net )

This question is for John C. How do you keep the knife sharp and do you push the knife down the hides for shaving. I am just starting out and am working with a very reputible taxidermist here but he has never shaved. I Dont know why I guess he just likes to send his out to be tanned. I would like to learn how to shave my own and tan in house when I get started. I plan on only doing a few heads a year as a side line maybe on down the road doing more. Any one having shaving info please help! . PS I just completed my first WT head and now Im hoked for life. it was a kit from Van Dykes and worked great.
Thanks Jack

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