"mail order" tanning

Submitted by James Herrin II on 01/11/2003. ( texanpride@hotmail.com )

does n e body out there know a company where u can pack ur skins and pelts etc. in salt and mail it off to them to be tanned and they will send it back when its done. This would really help cuz this whole tanning thang aint workin it dont ever turn out right. Please respond to this and then send me an email telling me that u did.

Thnx a bunch!

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This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/11/2003. ( mossvike2000@yahoo )

Hate to say it but if you'll type "tanneries in Texas" in the search I think you'll come up with some good stuff.It's all there. Jeff-


This response submitted by James Herrin II on 01/11/2003. ( )

Thnxs I typed everything n there but I never thaught uh that.

didnt work

This response submitted by me on 01/13/2003. ( )

that didnt work they were all tanning supply or u had to bring it in

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