First time- wet tan?

Submitted by Dave on 01/02/2003. ( )

I am planning on sending some capes out to get wet tanned. This will be my first experience with wet tanning and I have a few questions. First off I guess is what can I expect to get back from the tanner? That is will there be much to do as far as shaving around the eyes, ears and lips? Also will I have to put anything on the capes as far as any type of oils before mounting or can they be thawed and mounted as is? One last question-can I go ahead and order the forms using the measurements taken during the caping process (so I'll have the forms when my capes are returned) or should I wait and remeasure the capes after I get them back from being tanned? Will there be much of a difference(+ or -). Thank you for your input.

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Wet tans are great

This response submitted by Blake@ White Coyote Tanning & Rugging on 01/02/2003. ( )

All the questions that you asked depends a lot on the tannery. Every tannery has their own little secret way to wet tan. I would wait to order your forms when you can measure the capes wet tanned. They seem to have a lot more stretch, and size, when wet tanned. I prefer wet tanned over dry tan whenever possible. Our wet tans don't need to be oiled what so ever. The only real equation with wet tans that I've found, is you may need to use a few more pins. They tend to shrink a little more than the dry tan. Hope this helped. Good luck with your wet tans!

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