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Submitted by Blake@White Coyote Taxidermy on 01/03/2003. ( )

Hello Bruce, I usually don't ask questions about tanning, but this I was wondering about. I basically run a tannery in Montana. We use Lutan FN, as our tanning agent, and 95% Formic acid for our pickles. Our finished product has varied from great to terrible. I think that we pretty much have a handle on the situation now, but one step I still question. When we pull our shaved hides out of our pickles we don't neutralize them. The pickles that is. We only use the bicarb when we are pulling the tans. Is this correct? I thought not, but I am unsure. Also we don't have an extractor. We just let the hides drain overnight. Most of our product has been coming out very nice, but the downside is that we leave the hides in the tan for over a week. If we don't leave them in for that long, they don't come out as nice. This tannery was started only a couple years ago, so we have pretty much been trying to work all the bugs out. This is one of my ideas as to why our tan is still lacking a little. Also, we start our 100 gallon tans with an initial 20# of Lutan, and beef up 5# every batch, along with s/o oil, and of course we check the salt content.(CORRECT?) It just seems to me that the pickle is way too strong in the skins when we put them to tan, thus making it harder for the skins to accept the Lutan. Any info that you could send my way would be great. I wouldn't take advice from anyone but the expert!
p.s. My arms are getting real tired of stirring!

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This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/03/2003. ( )

....would you publicly humiliate yourself when you can can go to Bruce's website at Rittels. Bruce is always very prompt and specific . Not downgrading anybody but think about it. Good luck!

We need to talk!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/03/2003. ( )

I'll E-Mail you and we can discuss this in detail. I believe you are referring to when to basify (or neutralize).

Well Sorry!

This response submitted by Blake H. on 01/03/2003. ( )

You know, it seems like no matter what anyone has to say, or ask on these forums, someone always has to bitch about it someway. I don't understand why people (the rookie? for instance) would waste their time trying to humiliate someone for no reason. How did I Humiliate myself? Did I ask a question that you knew the answer to? Well than why didn't you answer it? Let me know when you grow up rookie. Look forward to talking this over with you Bruce. Thanks

Let me Know.....

This response submitted by The Rookie on 01/04/2003. ( )

When you start doing your homework before you have to ask these kind of questions . Asking for specific people on the forum is not permitted per forum rules in case you missed that . If you have a question for Bruce then e-mail Bruce. Don't take your failure to investigate things thoroughly out on me. Good Day-

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