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bruce is quick and easy compatable with hides pickled in the auto tanner using tanning crystals. I recently purchased some with plans on using it only on the face and regular oil on the rest of the cape to try and reduce srinkage around the eyes and mouth.

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Try this instead!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/12/2003. ( )

This is a "copy and paste" of the handout we give out for using KWIK-N-EZe in the Auto Tanner with the Tanning Crystals.

Rittels Instructions for using KWIK-N-EZE in the Auto Tanner!

Many of our customers tell us they use our Rittels KWIK-N-EZE in their Auto Tanner -- and they love the results! Here is the method some of our customers tell us they have used very successfully! KWIK-N-EZE is a EZ-100 tanning agent based product.

Auto Tanner Combo Method -- This is a combination tan using Taxidermy Art Supplies Tanning Crystals and Rittels KWIK-N-EZE. It can be used on raw capes and skins using almost the same method that you now use using the Tanning crystals. The results greatly improves the skins or capes stretch, and reduces shrinkage.

1. Flesh the skin or cape
2. Mix 1 Gallon of Water (108 degrees F.) to 1 Lb. of Tanning
Crystals in the Auto Tanner
3. Run the skin or cape in the Auto Tanner for 2 hours.
4. Drain the skin or cape for 30 minutes -- Shave it well!
5. To your Tanning Crystal solution -- add 2/3 cup (approximately 5
fl. ozs.) of KWIK-N-EZE/Gl. of your original solution.
6. Place the skin or cape back into the Auto Tanner and tan for 1-
2 hours!
7. Rinse, Drain and Shave more if needed, prep and mount (or

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