More Fun Tanning Questions

Submitted by enigma on 01/13/2003. ( )

Hello all.

OK here we go.

1) Can a pelt, if untanned, ever appear white or bluish white (after re-soak even), without being tanned? i.e. if you soak the skin in Borax water, kerosene, brine water, DP, etc..?

2) What substance smells like bleach, but is in salt-crystal shape, crystal size, and form, and is commonly applied to the leather side of skins? (is this just a salted skin that smells like bleach? i.e. stored in laundry shed)

3) When you rehydrate a skin (water is clear), and then after you neutralize, the water is clear .... and then, you pop it into the Lutan-F and suddenly the water is all cloudy for the duration of the tanning session, what is this? Did the Lutan-F somehow loosen protein fibers from the pelt and "tan" them while they hung in solution? Or do certain tanning agents cross-react with Lutan-F to form a precipitate? (I dunked a pelt into the solution to test if it had been tanned, full procedure can be posted for the morbidly curious with lots of time on their hands to read.)

4) Anything special I should know before I dip a sheep pelt into a wash? (besides the Lanolin issue. I searched the archives on this one.) Like should I be less careful fleshing, more careful, should I spend more time breaking, etc..) Also when I tan this beast will the hairs become more brittle? It's an old skin but I want the hairs to remain good, I don't care if the leather is bad.

Of course, this is "more homework", just another facet of tanning edu 501 : advanced theory and practice.


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