Got my Rittles tanning stuff today and have a Question

Submitted by Sam Terhaar on 01/16/2003. ( )

I got my proplus oil, ez100, saftee acid in the mail today and have a question. On the bottles it says to use a respirator, googles, and gloves. Is this necessary or can i just wear the gloves?

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You don't want acid in your eyes...

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 01/16/2003. ( )

and although Saftee acid is very mild, you don't want to breath it unnecessarily or the EZ 100 either. I would think a dust mask would be sufficient, although I don't use one. I don't use goggles either, but then I'm taking chances. I do wear glasses anyway. I do have a ventilated area to work in to keep any fumes down. But with this stuff, the fumes are minimal. I always wear the gloves. Better safe than sorry.

Dont be fooled

This response submitted by Wisachgak on 01/16/2003. ( )

In to thinking a dust mask is sufficient against fumes. A dust mask is simply a particle mask and fumes will penetrate. A well fit respirator with appropriate cannisters or filters is your only safeguard against fumes. Im not suggesting overkill I just felt the need to add that.

Let me add...

This response submitted by Brandon on 01/16/2003. ( )

It hurts REALLY BAD when you get saftee acid in your eyes. Trust me, It only takes getting it in your eyes once though before you learn to at least a wear pair of glasses.

Material Saftey Data Sheets?

This response submitted by Jeff S. on 01/16/2003. ( )

I was just wondering if MSDS sheets are available for Ez-100 and the Pro Plus oil,I use the stuff and am happy with the results.I have my shop in the basement of my house. Just curious.
Jeff S.


This response submitted by Shawn on 01/16/2003. ( )

Material Safety Data Sheets are available, but you have to request them from Rittel. Any company that supplies chemicals are required by law to issue them. Basically, any MSDS will tell you to wear gloves, apron, respirator, and goggles for just about any chemical you are working with.

whats are msds'?

This response submitted by sam on 01/16/2003. ( )

what are these sheets just telling percautions, and how to dispose or what?

MSDS's are available!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/17/2003. ( )

Yes - MSDS's must be available according to law! Insist on it if you have any doubts about a product you are using! You should always be aware if it contains any hazardous ingredients. Suppliers are obligated to supply them upon request.

Ez-100 is a dusting type of powder. Yes - a dust mask is appropriate when weighing it out. The Saftee Acid is a non-fuming type of acid. It does not require a mask. But - wearing goggles and Gloves is a good precaution. You do not want it to splash in your eyes and any acid is best to handle cautiously by wearing gloves!

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