how long for alum

Submitted by dave on 01/16/2003. ( )

how long do i let a coyote hide soak in a alum sulution

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The question should be how strong is my solution?

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Hi Dave,

In the 60ths, alum was the only way to pickle. It was used one pound per gallon of water. The results was a skin that wanted to shrink. With experience I realised that ½ pound of alum in a ten gallon water is just right to schweiz the skin on the hair follicles with the least shrinkage.

Try this out on the back end of a deer. Salt the fresh hide, don't take off the meet or fat, let the salt draw the water out of the skin , in a week or two put it in a solution of six pounds or more of salt, 3 ounces of formic acid (ask your local pharmacist that knows you to order it) add a half pound of alum. Ster. a few times a week In ten days, this skin will be so easy to flesh, You will cut your fleshing time in two.



This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/17/2003. ( )

Ordinarily - you should statically (no movement) tan for 3-5 days. However, you should stir it at least once a day. And - check the PH for a 3.8 PH.

thank you

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thank,s to all fore the help had no clue

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