liqua-tan good for deer hide?

Submitted by Brent on 01/19/2003. ( )

I used liqua-tan on a deer hide, it has been dehaired to make buckskin. I followed the directions on the bottle but after applying the liqua-tan and letting it dry for 5 days. Now it says to rehydrate, but am not sure what to rehydrate it with. I used water on a small piece and rehydrated it but it still tears easily and is as hard as a rock when it dries. Am I missing something?

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This response submitted by John W. on 01/19/2003. ( )

Brent, take you're hide as it start's to dry-still damp- and work it over a table edge, that's the only way you're going to get any softness to it, ya got ta work it baby!You can rehydrate with regular tap water and a handful of salt- probably-5gallons of water.If you are tearing you're hide, it sounds as if you got it too thin in some parts of the hide,if you still have questions go to the search button to you're left and click on,hope this helps.

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