Ruined Kodiak Rug

Submitted by Ed Workman on 01/20/2003. ( )

I sent a beautiful thick spring Kodiak brown bear to a taxidermy to make it into a rug. This hide had no rubs and was frozen within two days (never salted)and then shipped and picked up the same day by the taxidermy. I waited 20 months and received a rug with no guard hairs from about the center of the middle of the bear all the way down to the tail. Basically the whole middle of the bear looks like it was shaved, there are no guard hairs left. It looks like a buffalo even in that spot. My question is what did they do wrong and what can be done now?

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Possibly not the taxidermist fault

This response submitted by John C on 01/20/2003. ( )

It takes several days for a bear hide to freeze, remember this keeps the bear warm during the winter.

The all of us taxidermist suffer at the hands of the tanneries.
We dont know the turnover rate of shavers/fleshers.

It does sound like the back was shaved to thin to the hair roots. since it sounds by your discription down the center of the back.

Go ahead and call the taxidermist find out where he sent the hide, few tan bear hides inhouse.

Good luck.

Kodiak Rug

This response submitted by Eric on 01/20/2003. ( )

Ed, several things here. Two days without being fleshed and salted is not good. These bears have so much fat, that the hide takes awhile to cool down. If you rolled it up before it cooled down completly, the middle would even take longer to cool. And like John C said, it will take awhile to freeze,.. ...none of this is good for the hide. It really needs to be fleshed and salted as soon as possible.
I'm here in Kodiak, call me. If you live here I can look at it.
Kodiak Taxidermy

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