Hansteck Tannery

Submitted by T.C. on 01/20/2003. ( craighe656@aol.com )

does anyone have an information on the Hansteck Tannery in Roanoke, Virginia and have they tried them?

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I have seen some of thier work

This response submitted by Jeff Acord on 01/21/2003. ( )

I don't know them personally and have not used them, but I have been working with a couple taxidermists in Roanoke this week who have used them. As a matter of fact I thought you were one of them asking
the quiestion until I asked them today. Anyway, they showed
me a few hides done there including a beaver, an otter and
something else, but the otter's lips were gone as were the beavers, and there were big holes near the mouth. Another taxidermist
came in their shop while I was there and said he had problems there too. The tannery told them new guys were hired in with no
experience. The way the guys talked I think they were going to
find another tannery.

Have you used them, or planning to?

Beautiful Tan- Great Company

This response submitted by Dave Vaught on 01/29/2003. ( Outbound2@knology.net )

I use Hansteck exclusively for all my big game. (Capes, Lifesize, and Flat hides. Just got a large bull elk cape back a couple of weeks ago for a customers pedestal mount. Had it dry tanned so I could rehydrate as needed for accurate measuring before ordering form. Great stretch, plumpness, no holes or cuts. Their staff chemists have developed a product to use in place of salt to be used in the field or in the shop. Can be used on raw capes or hides even in hot weather, and if used correctly and timely, virtually eliminates potential hairslip. Unlike salt, this stuff will not shrink your hide to the point that even after tanning and rehydration your hide will be the same size as when you removed it in the field. Lots of stretch and strength too. Has saved me a ton of freezer space also. The owner of Hansteck, Hank Stecker, is a very astute business man, and will bend over backwards to meet your customer needs, whatever they are. They are total professionals. I know that as hard as it is to find a good tannery, I'll be using them for years. Especially noteworthy is their regular service turnaround time is 30 days or less!

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