2003 Desk Appointment Calendar for Taxidermists

Submitted by SENTRY/Custom Services Corporation on 01/21/2003. ( sentry@ptd.net )

Still available, Free, is our Desk Appointment calendar. You can have one by E-Mailing us
or calling our 800#; 1-800-868-1454.

Besides getting our list of specialized products for Furs, Leather and Taxidermists, you will
get a 5% discount off the price of any new product you purchase through June 30th.

The offer is also made to Taxidermist Suppliers who want to add our products to their line.

We wish all of you the richest of God"s blessings in 2003 and hope it is a successful and
healthy year for all. God bless.
Dave Crookall

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