Shampooing capes after tan?

Submitted by KB on 01/21/2003. ( )

I have searched the archives, but can't find an answer...we used to neutralize after tanning (with Lutan F or TX-77), but started following Bruce Rittel's advice to neutralize after pickling and before tanning. Since we began doing that, we have had some acid swell after the capes are soaked up for mounting.(we oil, dry, and tumble also) We use salt in the soaking solution. We also shampoo the cape before mounting. We have been doing it this way for over 10 years, and not had a problem with it, even though I see in the archives that shampooing is only recommended after the mount is dried. The neutralizing before tanning is the only thing we are doing differently that we can figure out. Can anyone help?

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Stop the Shampoo!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/21/2003. ( )

You're better off, and will have less work to do if you simply tumble your capes in sawdust with a solvent in it - before you do your final tumble for 2 hours for finishing. I like to use Odorless Mineral Spirits. 1 and 1/2 Quart to each 100 Lb. load of sawdust in a 4X6 Drum. It isnt penetrating enough to leach out the oil in the fibers - but it cleans up any oil splash and the natural oils in the fur or hair, leaving it clean and grease free.

Your shampoo is obviously a high alkaline and may leave a residual in the skin causing your acid swelling.

We still get

This response submitted by KB on 01/21/2003. ( )

salt residue in the hair as it dries, even after rinsing. We do tumble with mineral spirits, and the hair looks great until it dries on the mount. then the ends of the hair have salt residue.


This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/22/2003. ( )

Normally, the bulk of the Salt will go into solution and leave the skin when its neutralized before tanning. However, there's still a small amount of Salt in the tanning solution after tanning - and rinsing should remove most of it. Re-examine your tanning formula. It should be: For every 1 Lb. of wet drained skin weight, use 2 Quarts of Water, 1/2 Oz. of EZ-100 and 2-3 Ozs. of Salt.

If you find that you still have Salt residue - use the lower Salt figure (2 Ozs.)/1 Lb. of WDS weight. The Salt is used as protection against acid swelling while tanning - so it must be in there - but even that little bit will provide adequate protection. Caution - do not try to tan without any Salt!

PS - on a per 1 Gallon formula - that would involve using 1 Gallon of Water, 1 Oz. of EZ-100 and 4-6 Ozs. of Salt. You can use the lower 4 Ozs./1 Gallon of Salt.

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