First squirrel and would like some help please

Submitted by Erik on 01/21/2003. ( )

I am just starting to tan hides, try any way. I have what is called HIDE TANNING FORMULA that I bought from cabelas. I tryed to tan a couple of squirrel hides and they are still hard. On the container it says I should have soft and supple tan. Do any of you know what I am forgetting? Here are the steps that it says on the bottle and the steps I took.
1.carefully scrape or cut off all meat and fat until skin is very clean.
2.Salt flesh side well with TABLE SALT. Wrok PLENTY OF SALT into entire hide. Fold salted hide flesh on flesh, roll up and leave 24hrs. then repeat for another 24hrs.
3.prepare a salt bath by mixing 1/2lb. of table salt per gal. of hot water. Mix salt bath thoroughly and let cool. Then immerse hide 8-10hrs. Remove, rinse in clean water, and dreain.
4. Using a sharp knife, thin skin as much as possible, removing any remaining membrane.
5. After skin is thineed, wash in warm water with liquid dish soap to remove salt and grease. Then hang to drain.
6. Warm HIDE TANNING FORMULA (HTF) by sitting bottle in pot of hot tap water for 30min. the skin should be at room temperature, semi-dry, but still moist and flexible. Shake warm HTF well and apply an even layer to the flesh side. Apply with pain brush, or by hand wearying rubber gloves. Message firmly into all areas of the skin.
7. fold the skin flesh side unto itself and leave overnight (12-16hrs). If it is a cased skin, just turn it fur out and hang at room temperature, away from direct heat. This will allow the fur to dry while the hide is tanning. Afte this 12-16hrs tanning time, open the flesh side to ther airand let dry slowly over 2-3 days. as it dries, periodically pull and stretch the skin until it is completely dry and soft.

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Formula is crap! Is it deer hunters hide tanning formula?

This response submitted by Curtis on 01/21/2003. ( )



This response submitted by Erik on 01/21/2003. ( )

it is Deer Hunters Formula

Trappers Hide Tanning Formula

This response submitted by jason on 01/22/2003. ( )

I've used some of that stuff. It was sold as Trappers Hide Tanning Formula and the directions were identical. Mine came in an orange bottle. It worked fine for me on a skunk, possum and coon. But like any type of tan, it doesn't get soft by majic. The skin has to be broken in. I find its best to wait till it's nearly dry then start folding, twisting, stretching, and creasing the hide. It takes more than two or three minutes worth of work. I usually work the hides while watching TV.


This response submitted by Erik on 01/22/2003. ( )

I'm just curious. Does it get as soft as like you see in taxidermist houses and other places that are really supple? Do you think i could still make it soft after it is dry? thanks for you reply.

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