Too long rehydrating.

Submitted by Jim on 01/22/2003. ( )

I've been scrolling thru the archives looking for an answer but have come up short. I've got 2 deer hides in the pickle that took 2 days to rehydrate completely. The neck skin just didn't want to soften up all the way thru. I used some ultra soft and basacryl in the rehydrating solution but I'm now seeing what seems to be alot of hair floating in the pickle. If I tug on the hair a bit It comes out reletively easy. I may just be worrying about nothing but thought I'd ask what some of you folks think. I know there is no way of anyone knowing for sure if my capes will be good but do you think 2 days rehydrating could ruin my capes.

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Could be a problem

This response submitted by Jim Grill on 01/22/2003. ( )

Jim, Not knowing what you did previously with the hides it is hard to say. I'm assuming you salt dried the hides. The hides should have been rehydrated before they went in the pickle. A good ultra soft solution for about 30 minutes then put in plastic bag wet and put in refrig overnight to let em sweat should rehydrate. Then into your pickle with a ph of 1.5-2.0 for 3 days keeping an eye on the ph as you go. I don't know with the ultra soft and basaacryl in the pickle what it did to the ph but if it went too high the hair will start slipping. Hope this helps a little with future ones anyway.

They were rehydrated

This response submitted by Jim on 01/22/2003. ( )

They were salted and dryed hard. Rehydrated in a brine solution with Ultra soft and Basacryl. Pickle is saftee acid and pH is approx 1-1.5.


This response submitted by enough bullet 4 on 01/22/2003. ( )

I usually get a little hair floating in my pickle from the skinning process,but pulling on the hair is definately a bad idea.

Yeah I know

This response submitted by Jim on 01/22/2003. ( )

I don't know why I pulled on it. It's just the worry wart in me coming out I guess.

rehydrating didn't hurt them

This response submitted by mike dunbar on 01/22/2003. ( )

One of the first capes I screwed up was because I hung it to dry after salting 2 days, hair side out. I rehydrated it after about 5 days, it never dried rock hard, and when I moved it to the pickle, hair came out. I called Bruce Rittel, he straightened me out and gave me some good answers. I should have salted it longer, hung it to dry skin side out, and dried it quicker with a fan on it. He also said that a brine is a safe temporary storage for a hide, and two days rehydrating would not hurt the cape. I suspect something either happened in your salting process, or in the field before it got to you. I don't use Basacryl in the brine, but it seems to me this would have only made it safer, although I was told it is unnecessary.

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