Why Oxalic acid not disolving

Submitted by RJ on 01/23/2003. ( )

I have noticed that when I dump my old pickle I always have alot of undisolved acid in the bottom of the barrel, I thought it might be salt so I did an experiment & the salt disolved but the acid didnt.
My Ph stays where it is suppose to so I dont know whats going on. Any suggestions


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You have sodium oxylate

This response submitted by cyclone on 01/23/2003. ( )

...most likely at the bottom of your vat. If your pH is correct then the acid is dissolving. Saturated solutions tend to precipitate out some of the salts when cooled. If your pH is correct then don't fret just check it often.

So is there sodium chloride in your pickle?

This response submitted by JOhn C on 01/23/2003. ( )

What pickle are you using that does not have sodium chloride in it?

Whats the receipe?

Some chemicals fall out of solution when the solutions temp. drops.

Thanks guys

This response submitted by RJ on 01/23/2003. ( )

It does get a little cool in my tanning room at night I will take care of that.

Many thanks

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