Kicking Machine

Submitted by Rob on 01/23/2003. ( )

Would anybody know where I could purchase a kicking machine? Thanks for the help

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hard to find

This response submitted by secrets of the furrier trade on 01/23/2003. ( )

I have NO idea. One thing holding back the furrier trade is how dang hard it is to find the proper machinery. Even the fur machines for sewing are really difficult to find (and there are only two suppliers of needles and thread, neither of which answer e-mails or send catalogs.. GRRRR)

In the meantime, just beat the skins by hand, or over-oil and then drum out the excess during your final cleanup. I've done both and had very good results. Remember, don't use any sulfuric acid or alum!


Please contact me.........!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/23/2003. ( )

I may know of one available. My E-Mail address is:

Bruce Rittel

hard to find

This response submitted by bill metterhauser on 01/24/2003. ( )

Raw Hide sells a full line of machinery for fur dressing and tanning fur and hides Hair On. My e-mail address is

HTH email me

This response submitted by Rob on 01/24/2003. ( )

I have a couple of questions for you please email me. Thanks Rob

By the way thanks for everybody help on this

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