what did i do wrong

Submitted by steve on 01/24/2003. ( )

i soaked my deer hide in lime, to remove hair (don't have a recipe) maybe i used to much,then i rinsed off with clean water, i then soaked it in oxalic acid and salt ph around 2.6,rinsed off again and then wash it in my wash machine with soap and bleach, then i was going to flesh it,but when i was stretching it out it was just pulling apart like a rotten rag,was it the lime or chlorine or was i supposed to flesh it first??

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It's possible........!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 01/24/2003. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

It's possible that this skin was bad before you began! It wasnt fleshed and salted? It could have rotted where you had flesh left on it. A normal dehairing formula for dehairing is usually 8 ounces of Hydrated Lime to each 1 gallon of water. Did you use Hydrated Lime? If you used the garden variety - it useless. It's extremely slow dissolving. How long did you let it soak in the Lime solution? Usually it takes 6-9 days.

After dehairing - you must rinse and then soak it in acid to kill the lime. But - I wouldnt recommend washing it in soap and bleach! Maybe the bleach reacted with the Lime residual. Also you dont have to use Salt in the acid to kill the lime - the skin is a very high ph and out of the swelling range.

Yes - you must always flesh it before dehairing it!

lots to learn

This response submitted by steve on 01/24/2003. ( )

the hide was salted, but not fleshed,i used hydrated lime and the hair come off in less than 24 hours, i just don't know how much i used lots probably,


This response submitted by b bishop on 01/24/2003. ( )

Welcome to the school of hard knocks ! try this web site and check out their archives. www.braintan.com


This response submitted by enough bullet 4 on 01/24/2003. ( )

if the hair came out that fast,the hide must have been bad to begin with.it should have taken longer than 24hrs.

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