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Submitted by Dana on 01/25/2003. ( FoxTrapper@hotmail.com )

I just trapped a nice black coon and wondered what the best way to tan him is. I have used Trappers Hide Tanning Formula out of Las Vegas and was not very impressed by it. What is the best tanning solution to use? I also seem to have problems with hair slippage after the salting period, why would this be? And also I wondered how to work the skin so it isn't stiff as a board? Thats a lot of questions, but any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dana

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This response submitted by Gopher on 01/25/2003. ( hillfmly@surfmk.com )

There are alot of tanning solution on the market and different ones work better or worse for different people my suggestion would be to search the archeives, thats the little orange button to the left, and type in tanning. As far as the hair slippage did you skin it and get all the meat and fat off the hide first. Go to suppliers and get one of the catalogs or visit the site has alot of useful info there. I dont know if I helped or not if you have any other questions just yell.

coon tan

This response submitted by rowdy on 01/25/2003. ( )

i use liquatan and have very good results. the trick on coon is remove all the fat and degrease,then salt dry . after three days or so rehyrdrate, towel dry, stretch out flat, rub in liqua tan, let over night. wash out with cool water and dawn dish soap (liquid).rinse out with cool water, towel dry. use protal oil according to directions rub in (use plenty). stretch by hand let over night. stretch and work over smooth table edge until soft. at this point if you have sawdust tumbler will help to shine fur but be sure to use very fine sawdust so it does'nt hang in the fur.


This response submitted by Dana on 01/26/2003. ( )

Thanks rowdy and Gopher, I appreciate the tips. I think they will defeinately help me. I always like to get several opinions on taxidermy and tanning. I was gonna tell you, the hair slippage seemed to occur when I soaked the hides in the salt water bath,I didn't know if that wasn't good for hides or what. Anyway, Thanks again, Dana

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