dry preserve a bear hide

Submitted by big jim on 01/27/2003. ( )

would like to know what kind of degreaser to use on a bear hide and hide paste for a dry preserved bear hide thanks for any info

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Something that will burn really well

This response submitted by scott on 01/27/2003. ( )

I would suggest something that burns well.
Maybe lighter fluid.
That way when the hide starts to turn rancid this summer it will be easy to take outside and torch.

I really don"t know if there is a way to DP a bear.
But, I have seen two DP bear mounts that have gone bad in less then a year.

One was rancid and sweating out fat.

Scott's right

This response submitted by George on 01/27/2003. ( georoof@aol.com )

My suggestion is that you bundle that sucker up and send it to a tannery with a note telling the tanner it's been DPed. Most animals CAN be done, albeit questionably, with DP, but a bear just ain't one of them. Within a year, it's going to stick like a used lard bucket.


This response submitted by DEERMEISTER on 02/01/2003. ( )

DP a bear. I have done several lifesize and shoulder mounts of bear with DP. everybody is always trying to scare people off of the DP, and I just don't understand. Salt dry, rehydrate(brine solution with bacteriacide),soak in white gas, wash out with Dawn,rinse, towel dry, apply DP, and mount.
I have won several ribbons with DP'd bears. At one show(1986?) I had the highest scoring large lifesize mount (judged by Joe Kish). This mount looks good as ever still today.. I did repaint the nose and around the eyes a couple of years ago. I have never, I repeat NEVER had ANY of the problems with DP that I hear so often on this site. Several years ago, I started using epoxy to glue the ears,this stopped any drumming problems in that area. DP works for me, I realize its not what everybody wants to use tho, and that's fine. Just don't say it doesn't work,cause I know better!

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