Washing cape

Submitted by J.C. on 01/27/2003. ( )

Is it ok to was a cape after you rehydrate right before the pickel? Thanks alot

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No, soaps are alkaline or base.

This response submitted by John C on 01/27/2003. ( )

Spot wash if needed but to dont do anymore than needed.

The Alkaline base can allow the hair and epidermis to slip.

I wash before salting.

You would also be suprised to see how much dirt is in a cape. I use an old washing machine run it with a little laundry soap. Rinse well, spin dry.


This response submitted by J.C. on 01/27/2003. ( )

if i wash the cape before i salt do i just run it throught the tumbler to dry the hair or should i just blow it dry? And i've already washed my other cape in dawn after i rehydrated. Do you think ill loose the cape. Its pickeling now and im tanning with lutan F. Thanks alot.



This response submitted by rickettchade wabbit on 01/29/2003. ( )

yep wash before use lysol concentrate hang to dry or blow air or tumble and then salt

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