can blood pooled on skin cause hair slipage?

Submitted by jen on 01/27/2003. ( )

have worked up a number of skins as of late,,, have had 3 of them that lost hair, either in a straight line or a circular area... i have went over all the variables , as to what could be the variable between them and the ones that didnt loose any hair.
and i have come to a semiconclusion that its possible that blood from the animal on the hair side of the skin could be what caused the hair slippage,,,, the ones that had no slippage were washed on the animal when harvested , as soon as possible,, so is it possible that it happens ? and is it ok to wash all skins before salting that might have blood under the hair?

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This response submitted by mike d on 01/27/2003. ( the_taxidermistat )

It is very possible that the blood on the hairside caused the slippage.
Especially since you didn't attempt to remove it before salting.
You can wash dirty or bloody capes and skins prior to salting,
but remove as much water from the hair as you can before salting;
either by hanging for 20 minutes or rolling up in a large towel
and sqeezing(not wringing!) it out.
Spin cycle on your washer woks great,too; if you can get away with it!
If you are really worried about a skin you can rub salt into the hair side ,too. It takes a bit more rinsing but will dry any blood or fluids
if washing is not an option.
Do not soak pronghorn in bloody water, as the hair will wick up the discolored water and it will stain.

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