Submitted by rick on 01/29/2003. ( )

Just mixed up a batch of the krowtann solution and i noticed a blackish scum that came out sort of in particles ,even after stirring some of it was sticking to the sides of the pail,I checked the ph just for the hell of it and it was around 2. Any one have this blackish residue?

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Krowtann 2000

This response submitted by Joe Pycke on 01/29/2003. ( )

Yes we have the same residue on every batch we mix up, even after shaking the bottle. It hasn't hurt a thing. The tan seems to work better on small mammals than on deer or elk.

works on deer too.

This response submitted by Shooter on 01/29/2003. ( )

I have had nothing but great results on deer.
Leave it in for an extra day or so. Won't hurt a thing.

no problems

This response submitted by wp on 01/29/2003. ( )

have used krowtan on75 deer this year with great results no complaints here. leaving it for 4-5 days .works fine

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