liqua tan-washing and moisture

Submitted by Dave on 02/01/2003. ( )

I know you can wash a hide after it has been liqua tanned to get the liqua tan out of the hair but how long should it set before washing? Actually what I do is liqua tan the hide and roll it up hair side out and let set over night then put in freezer until ready to mount. Once thawed I rinse hide and mount. Should I be concerned about washing any liqua tan out? Also after rinsing the hide and before mounting I spin the cape to get out excess water then towel dry but when I pinch the hide between my fingers it still looks like it has water in it. I guess my other question is how much moisture is tolerable in a cape before mounting when using liqua tan? I don't have a tumbler so if there are any other suggestions on removing water from hide I'm ready to listen.

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Beem a while since I used Liqua tan.

This response submitted by John C on 02/02/2003. ( )

I think the instructions say the hide needs to dry to lock the tannins in.

When I used it, I let it hang infront of a fan over night it was dry, I then would store it in the freezer/

To relax, just put a 1/2 cup of ERA laundry det. in the water and wash it.

Then tumble and mount


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 02/02/2003. ( )

I use it just as much as I use ez-100 from Rittel's. But what yor doing is fine. I do two ways and this goes on what I plan on doing for the next day or week. Apply the liqua-tan and fold it up and let it sit over night. Now if I plan on mounting it that day I just take the cape and wash it using pert shampoo. I wash it twice, rinse well and then tumble it in the dryer on cool setting with plenty of towels in it. After tumbling remove lint trap and make sure you take out all those ticks in it. For some reason most women hate to see to little critters. Me I like them died like that then having them crawl around on my back or in the beard. I even can feel them crawling up my legs LOL.
Now if you plan on freezing them do the same I like to let them sit over night and then place them in a bag and freeze them. When ready I take out thaw over night and do the above.


This response submitted by John W. on 02/03/2003. ( )

Dave,I Liqua-Tan my cape's- let them set overnight- throw them in the freezer-then when I'm ready to mount-let it thaw-then wash in water with a capful of Kemal 4, a little detergent will work ,I only wash the hide just a couple of minutes-then I'll hang the cape up for about an hour to let it drain and then towel dry it-the cape is just damp but not dripping,just remember if it's too wet ,how's you're hide paste going to stick?With the skin side barely damp it won't hurt anything-hope this helps.

Thanks for the help

This response submitted by Dave on 02/03/2003. ( )

Thanks everyone for your input. It makes me feel better knowing for sure that I doing it right. Feel the tan is one of the most important steps in doing any mount and I just wanted to make sure my process was satisfactory. Thanks again!

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