squirrel tanning

Submitted by Justin on 02/03/2003. ( )

what acid do i need to put in the salt water to make it officially considered pickling? because i was wondering if i could just, skin and flesh the squirrel, then rinse it , and then just soack it in salt water and then go about the rest of my tanning since it is such a small simple pelt? or would i mess something up by not doing the pickling correctly? also....when i am skinning a squirrel, do i need to split the tail as i usually do with other animals? thanks for your help.


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if you are going to mount it

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 02/03/2003. ( )

easier to dp it. Squirrels have pretty tender skin and can slip easy.


This response submitted by Justin on 02/03/2003. ( )

i am not going to mount it..it isjust going to be a pelt to sit and look at lol....what does dp mean and what does slip mean? i don't know any of this taxidermy talk...thanks


Buy a video or book

This response submitted by Len on 02/04/2003. ( lengums@powercom.net )

Hi Justin, Before you try tanning your squirrel, I would suggest buying a video on tanning or one of good books out there on tanning. There is plenty of info in the archives you can also look at on tanning. Take the time to learn some of the steps needed and it will make it easier for you and a lot more fun.


This response submitted by paul bunyan on 02/05/2003. ( )

dp dry preservative and slip is when the hair falls out due to a bacteria infestation. You can get some tanning cream from any supplierand tan your squirrel. It would be in your best intrest to get a book or video to help you along the way. In the mean time freeze the critter. If you are going to be tanning critters for fun there are also some kits that you can buy fairly cheap. good luck and you can find alot more info in the archives.

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