looking for a good tanner!

Submitted by andy on 02/10/2003. ( pse141@yahoo.com )

Looking for a good tanner?

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Hansteck Corp. Trophy Tanning Division

This response submitted by Hank Stecker on 02/10/2003. ( stecker30@earthlink.net )

Try Hansteck Corp. Call 1-800-937-5467 For More Information


This response submitted by Old Fart on 02/11/2003. ( )

It is easier to make a recommendation when we know where you are. What state? I wouldn't want to recommend a tanner in California if you are in Florida. I have nothing against shipping hides around the country to get the best tan, but I am not going to make UPS rich if it isn't necessary.

Looking for a good tanner in Wisconsin/Minnesota area

This response submitted by D. Servaty on 02/14/2003. ( )

Years ago I had jackets, gloves and slippers made in Berlin, WI. I think the company was called Midwestern Sports Togs, but unsure if they are still in business.

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