Grease Burn / Odor Removal (Skunk)

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Hello all,

Today I began tanning Mr. Skunk. Unfortunately, the guy I bought Mr. Skunk from was a self-admitted trapper who "didn't know how to flesh". I paid this guy to "flesh" the pelt, too... so I'm a little pissy. The pelt got to me with a sprinkle of salt across the saddle, otherwise 'air dried'. Most of the air-drying occured while the pelt was in my cold storage room, although the pelt was sent to me "fully dry".

So anyway it looks like Mr. Skunk has marinated in his own fat, at least across parts of his saddle. I fleshed and fleshed, and removed most of it. Then he took a trip through Odorless Mineral Spirits. This removed a LOT of it. A good rub with Oxalic Acid crystals got rid of most of the rest, but there are still a couple of orange and tough spots left.

Will the next run through with degreaser (plan on using Epo-Grip) remove these?

By the way I removed the odor (which he was advertised to have none of, YEAH RIGHT!) with Malogon and the mineral spirits. He reeked for about 2 hours but is "okay" now - smell's all gone, basically. Peroxide is a bleaching agent and I didn't want to put it on the skin and ruin his gorgeous black areas. Brown skunks are just ugly.

Please any advice, besides search archives for 8 hours? (I'll do that later)

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ah ha

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Archives - to the rescue.

Someone mentioned "injecting" something with something.

Thus my new method. Inject areas of "grease burn" with ultra-fine 29 gauge needle and pickle solution. Then flesh. Then repeat until spot is gone.

I haven't cut any hair roots yet.

Voila. Mr. Skunk is coming out quite nicely. No need for further help, but I'd just hope that this series of posst is left up for some newbie to learn from.

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