liquid tan

Submitted by scott on 02/05/2003. ( )

should i pickel my hides before tanning with liquid tan my directions dont say anything about pickling first

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My bottle of LIQA-TAN says to pickle

This response submitted by John C on 02/05/2003. ( See the suppliers button above. )

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No you dont have to but it only half tans if you dont, you will still be hanging a skin with a raw substance contained within.

wash liqua tan

This response submitted by nick on 02/06/2003. ( )

I have fozen my liqua tan pelts and was wondering if after I take them out to thaw is it ok to wash them with dawn dish soap rince them out and then mount.Thanks Nick


This response submitted by Mark on 02/06/2003. ( )

You can thaw the skins and wash them out if needed, I use Relax R 2oz per 5 gallons of water, Kemal 4 will work too. You can run skins through a pickle, either a Pre Tan #110 pickle, any acid pickle or just the salt pickle soak that is described on the bottle. For better skin quality we do suggest a pre tan or acid pickle. If you do not like to deal with ph's and measureing along with neutralizing then you can use Pre tan #110, this way no need to worry about acids. We do offer a free technical handbook to anyone who would like one. You can go to my website at and fill out a contact form or you can just click above on my email and email me you physical mailing address. We do have a new address

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